23 Oct

Steve and Sharon – Tunnels Beaches – Ilfracombe

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On 15th October 2016 I had the pleasure of Photographing Steve and Sharon’s wedding at Ilfracombe in Devon. The day started with the boys going claying pigeon shooting in the morning. Whilst the day started with promising weather it turned just before the ceremony, however, that didn’t dampen spirits at all. I think it’s fair to say that everybody had a wonderful time and the weather brightened a bit later on to help matters.

If you wish to leave a comment for Steve and Sharon below please do so.


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12 Sep

Hannah and Scott Rosedew Farm Wedding

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On September 10th 2016 I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Scott and Hannah. The day was spent at the stunning Rosedew Farm, Llantwit Major just a short drive from the beach.

With the weather not being the best recently we hoped that it would at least be dry. Fortunately the weather improved through the day allowing us to visit the beach for a few photographs before returning to the Farm. The day was a joyful occasion full of emotion.

I wish Scott and Hannah the best for the future in all their adventures. If you wish to leave a message for the couple you can do so at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy the selection of photographs from the day.


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03 Jan

Abi and Peter Pencoed House

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On 29th December 2015 I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Abi and Peter at Pencoed House. Given the recent heavy rain fall we were concerned that the weather wouldn’t be great for the day. But on the morning of the wedding the sky changed from the recent greys to let us see some blue and bless them with perfect weather. The Bride and Groom both stayed at the nearby Vale Resort the night before, in separate suites (of course) and got ready there. Apart from a slight glitch with one of the wedding cars the day went without a hitch and everyone one had a wonderful time.

If you wish to leave Abi and Peter a message please do so at the bottom of the page, here are a selection of my favourite images from the day to remind you of the occasion.


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23 Sep

Crickhowell Wedding – Porthmawr Country House

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On 19th September 2015 I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Bobby and Sophie in Crickhowell. The entire day was spent at the stunning Porthmawr Country House which is right in the middle of the town. The venue blends in so well with Crickhowell that it is easy to miss.

We were blessed with incredible weather on the day, showing off the venue at it’s best. It was a very happy occaision families and friends got involved in all aspects of the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

I wish Bobby and Sophie all the best for the future in all their many adventures. If you wish to leave a message for the couple you can do so at the bottom of the page. I hope you enjoy the selection of photographs from the day.


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23 Aug

Il Palio – Siena August 2015

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On 2nd of July and 16th August each year the Palio race is held at Piazza Il Campo between the 10 of the 17 contrada of the city. The event is so much more than the race with events in the days leading up to the race and a historical pageant featuring all 17 contrada. I planned to attend the event on 16th August and duly arrived in Siena early in the morning and after taking time to familiarise myself (again) with the Piazza settled on the best spot for me. After several hours waiting with many others the organisers let everyone know by hoisting a green flag to announce that the race would be postponed.

The race was last postponed in 1980 some 35 years ago. So I resolved to return the following day and take up the same spot. However, I arrived at 10 am and found that the spot I wanted was already occupied (the race starts around 19:30!). I chose another spot and set in for the day, after a nine hour wait I was rewarded with the race itself an experience not to be missed.

The following set of images are taken from both days I hope that you enjoy them as much I enjoyed the day!


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07 May

Cotswolds Spring Wedding

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I was fortunate enough to photograph a wedding in the stunning Cotswolds recently. All of the venues were simply incredible especially the church. Here are a few of the selected photographs from the day I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did making them.

Wedding Kenn & Ella 2015-05-02

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07 Apr

Harry Potter Studio Tour

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We recently visited the amazing Harry Potter Studio Tour, so I thought I would post a selection of the images from the trip. If you are thinking of visiting the attraction you should it is very well done and a great family experience, especially if you are fans of the films. I haven’t had much chance to get out with my Fujifilm X-E2 lately as I have been very busy with my sports work but this provided a great opportunity to get out with the camera and capture some fun images. As always the camera performed flawlessly and reminded me how much fun it is to use for this kind of photography.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did when we were there.


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23 Dec

Cardiff Devils vs Belfast Giants

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A little while back I got to go to a Cardiff Devils game, as foster carers we had the option of going to a Christmas pantomime or the Ice Hockey. We choose the Ice Hockey and what a great experience we had, the kids absolutely loved it and I got a chance to take a few photos.

I didn’t get a press pass for this game as they had already allocated them out, but I got to shoot a few pictures from the side of the ice. The team at Cardiff Devils went out of their way to accommodate us and couldn’t have been nicer. The kids got to meet some of the players after the game and got pictures and autographs with them.

We loved it so much that we are going back next week and with any luck I’ll be able to get a pass for that game and get some more action. Here are a few images from the game, which the Devils won 4-1.


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14 Nov

Canon 7D Mark II First Impressions – Part 2

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In my last post I gave my first impressions on the Canon 7D Mark II once I had used the camera in a real world situation. In that post I covered how the camera handled at a professional rugby match. The only real disappointment I had was that the lights at the stadium were very good and meant that I didn’t need to push the ISO beyond 1600 to get the shutter speed and aperture needed to isolate and freeze the action. As a commissioned match I didn’t want to experiment too much as it was key to capture the required images. This weekend I didn’t have a commission so looked for a game to attend that would test the ISO capabilities more. I received accreditation for a game at Sandy Park featuring local rivals Exeter and Bath in the LV Cup.

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02 Nov

Canon 7D Mark II First Impressions – Part 1

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I recently took delivery of Canon’s new 7D Mark II APS-C camera, I got to take the camera out with me to a Professional Rugby Match on Friday 31st October. As the 7D Mark II is designed as a sports and action camera this was an ideal opportunity to put it through it’s paces. This isn’t a technical pixel peeping review of the camera more first a impressions feel for how it performed.

As a freelance photographer I have to buy my own equipment, I currently shoot with two Canon 5D Mark III’s but for sport I really need something with a higher frame rate and deeper buffer. I was giving serious consideration to the 1DX but that is a significant investment so when the rumours of a 7D Mark II starting getting stronger I held off until I was certain that the camera was a reality. Canon announced the 7D Mark II on 15th September and I pre-ordered one as soon as they were listed on the WEX Photographic website. The specifications of the camera looked exactly what; I needed AF on a par or better than the 5D3; 10 frames per second with a huge buffer and the added benefit of a 1.6 crop factor. I owned the original 7D and in fairness it is a great camera but the image quality suffered a lot when the ISO was raised beyond around 1250, in my experience. So the one thing that concerned me about the 7D Mark II was if the image quality would be good enough for my purposes.

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